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  • There's an oldish charlie rose episode with alterman and hitchens going at it about iraq that's probably findable on youtube for those interested who haven't seen it.

    Eric Alterman and Christopher Hitchens -- on Bloggingheads.

  • L-girl said ... question, question, question!! you're so right, the claim of liberal-media bias is the great hoax of the 20th century. should you ever find yourself in a debate, see eric alterman for evidence ...

    thoughts on george lakoff

  • BreakTheMatrix booman tribune taylor marsh mahablog daily howler eric alterman act on principles progressive alaska

    Firedoglake » ChiTrib Carries Team Libby’s Water

  • BLOG ROLL wandering hillbilly the political carnival tom maguire rising hegemon pharyngula bonnie erbe norwegianity eric alterman

    Firedoglake » Just So You Know…

  • BreakTheMatrix mahablog calitics pollster god and country first draft americablog stark reports shakesville majikthise attytood brilliant at breakfast sideshow rumproast they gave us a republic pandagon calculated risk crooked timber eric alterman tracy russo moderate voice media matters orcinus tom tomorrow rh reality check intoxination making light fired up missouri nieman watchdog invictus agonist tom maguire

    Firedoglake » We Are Not Okay

  • EconoSpeak agonist talking points memo tom tomorrow anonymous liberal kung fu monkey eric alterman liberal oasis calling all wingnuts arkansas blog pollster memeorandum needlenose gorillas guides daily howler suburban guerrilla daily kos fallen monk the political carnival

    Firedoglake » Late Nite FDL: Racist Crusaders Advocate Holy War — The Connection Between Racism, RedState, and the War on Terror

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    Firedoglake » The Home of the Brave

  • Gooznews alicublog eschaton needlenose my left wing orcinus rh reality check sideshow vinyl mine political teen tidbits james wolcott democratic underground first draft americablog eric alterman the talent show margaret and helen pollster night light sadly, no!

    Firedoglake » Explosion in Pakistan Kills US Diplomat

  • BreakTheMatrix crooked timber young turks booman tribune correntewire fired up missouri rh reality check pharyngula left coaster majikthise brad blog talking points memo jack & jill politics tom dispatch talk to action vinyl mine seeing the forest eric alterman the talent show

    Firedoglake » Screw Israel, Lieberman Sticks To His Bush

  • Page 96 | cHaPter twentY-two | PERSON-TO-PERSON-TO-PERSON institUte for Politics, deMocracY & tHe internet MEET THE AUTHORS eric d. alterman developed the online strategy and managed In - Founder, Chairman and CEO, KickApps ternet operations for President Bush's re-election campaign.

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