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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of alter.


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  • As the song rises and falls his expression alters, and when he strikes those stirring chords on the _Kantele_ and speaks of bloodshed and war his whole being seems changed.

    Through Finland in Carts

  • International Revolution does she suddenly awake, her whole expression alters; she reminds one of a beast of prey seeing its victim at hand and preparing to fall upon it and rend it.

    Im Weltkriege. English

  • Since my integration, my so called alters (I prefer the term companions) have presented me with the memories they had.


  • - clogged with self-consciousness; Tara films herself in order to keep track of her life, and remember where she left off, so to speak, when one of her other identities-one of her "alters" - takes over.

    The New Yorker

  • '' For example one of my alters is a minimalist and we will go on a rampage getting rid of things, then when I switch back I will be looking for things.

    The Sydney Morning Herald News Headlines

  • The virus is essential for wasp parasitism success since viral gene expression alters the immune system and development of the host.

    BioMed Central - Latest articles

  • For example, Dr. Richard P. Kluft, a psychiatrist specializing in the treatment of MPD at the University of Pennsylvania, reported in a 1988 paper that one of his patients had over 4000 "alters".

    Scott Mendelson, M.D.: Psychiatry: The Cause--Not the Cure of Multiple Personality Disorder

  • To focus on or, God forbid, seek out "alters" is to be distracted by the manifestations of the illness rather than its true nature.

    Scott Mendelson, M.D.: Psychiatry: The Cause--Not the Cure of Multiple Personality Disorder

  • And now that she's off her meds, these "alters" are making more frequent appearances, stepping in whenever there's a stressful situation Tara thinks they'd be better equipped to handle.

    'United States of Tara' has multiple delights, flaws

  • On those days, especially if Tara isn't taking the medications which treat some side effects of her multiple personality disorder, Tara is more likely to transform into one of her "alters" — a teenager, a prim and proper 1950s-style housewife, or a beer-guzzling, gun-loving male named Buck.

    TV’s Split Personality


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