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  • noun Plural form of alvarezsauroid.


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  • "When the alvarezsauroids were initially discovered only about 15 years ago the prevailing hypothesis was that they were birds - a lineage within birds that had lost flight ability," Choiniere told LiveScience.

  • So its features were in between those of more advanced alvarezsauroids and primitive ones.

  • The advanced alvarezsauroids had a single claw on the hand that was at least twice as long and four to five times as wide as its other claws.

  • Many insisted the later alvarezsauroids, which were smaller than Haplocheirus, were actually flightless birds. - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • Haplocheirus, which lived 160 million years ago, is the oldest known member of an oddball group of bird-like dinosaurs called alvarezsauroids. - Frontpage RSS Feed


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