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  • n. A thick paste made from yam skin, eaten chiefly in Yoruba cuisine


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From Yoruba amala


  • February 5, 2009 1: 40 PM pray tell what do you feed your cats? cat food. .abi na amala or your leftovers? just curious cuz this one Molly dey talk of goodies ..

    Cat on Tuesday: I am a Proud FEMINIST Cat

  • Madam B will just use steaming hot omorogun from her pot of amala to blas-scatter tht ur yansh for u. and since she's a nurse, she'll treat u for burns later.

    What are the Children Listening to?

  • My aunt wd quarter these, apply rock salt, n sun dry them for around a week in peak summer..they would shrink to one-tenth, transforming into the dark chatak dar amala-supari!

    AwLyache Panhe - Gooseberry Punch

  • Nwver knew amala panna can be made in the same way as mango.

    AwLyache Panhe - Gooseberry Punch

  • Or maybe na so so akpu and amala you dey chop from small pikin and dat one come give you stunted growth, now what makes you think that any grow taller herbs can reverse the effect of all those years of akpu and amala with no protein? lol!


  • In the courtyard of the house there were several artists at work in different media and we watched them at work as we ate a delicious meal of amala (my favourite fufu) okra soup and pepper soup.

    Kindness in Oshogbo

  • Go Princess, it's ur birthday we gon' party like it's ur birthday we gonna drink ogogoro like it's ur birthday girl u know I don't really care 'cos it's ur birthday u can find me in buka, eating amala omo I got what u need if u need to drink a star

    Its my Birthday and I feel loved

  • Funny thing is, I actually prefer pounded yam and amala myself, but there was just something about that picture with the glistening yellow curves of eba that you know had been made by the mama put wielding her plastic scoop deep into the heart of the steaming the way, what WERE those scoops originally meant for?

    A warm day...reflecting on the democracy of the internet and hungry for home

  • I gamely introduced myself and explained my purpose and was served a tray of steaming goat stew with sides of amala, a sticky yam derivative, and okro, a stringy, viscous okra soup.

    The Clog

  • There is a funny story about a Mongol monk from Drepung, (Hamdong khamtsen college), trying to describe (in broken Tibetan) to his sponsor, a pious Lhasa amala, the big mukdung he wanted to give her and her daughter, but it is probably too obscene to be repeated here in full.

    Phayul Latest News


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