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  • v. Present participle of amass.


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  • As soon as you have your SIN, you can apply for a Canadian credit card to begin amassing a fledgling credit history.

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  • Employees sometimes have a skewed view of the termination process, thinking that a company must hold to some kind of courtroom "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard in amassing reasons for termination.

    Coyote Blog » 2005 » January

  • Another U.S. official, who also requested anonymity, said analysts from the counterterrorism center were especially careful in amassing and reviewing the data because of the political turmoil created by last year's errors.

    So Typical!

  • Julian Dibbell is an entrepreneuer who specializing in amassing virtual goods in the Ultima Online universe and then auctioning them off on eBay.

    Boing Boing

  • Badams's labours and anxieties, and sacrifices of soul and body, in amassing money!

    Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle

  • “As long as members have the chance to spend their lives in Washington, their interests will always skew toward spending taxpayer dollars to buy off special interests, covering over corruption in the bureaucracy, fund-raising, relationship building among lobbyists, and trading favors for pork—in short, amassing their own power.”


  • The challenges are not related to the story, but each battle has a success condition and typically a key to meeting that goal, such as amassing as much energon as possible to upgrade a lone Autobot to the point he can actually take down a much tougher foe.

    Transformers iPhone Game |

  • Muslims and Jews make up only about 2% of the population together in the U.S., so any "amassing" of "political power" by either of these groups in this country is far from becoming reality.

    Michael Standaert: War and the Wayward

  • Through surveillance that sometimes included 30 agents across a single Milan neighborhood, they began to piece together the outlines of the group's plans, such as amassing explosives.

    In Europe, Some Still Cling

  • Buthelezi and expose levels of graft in which they had allegedly indulged, such as amassing wealth through farms, liquor stores and houses, as well as nepotism in government employment.

    ANC Daily News Briefing


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