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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of ambulate.


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  • They sat by the ficus tree as the bourgeoisie — haute, middle, and low — of Matar ambulated past in the Muzak hush of the mall.

    Florence of Arabia (Part II)

  • But we had a fine fast food meal, and then ambulated to the stadium, which was a lot farther away than it looked.

    WorldCon Day 2

  • He will then be progressively ambulated and continue his recuperation at home.

    CNN Transcript Sep 6, 2004

  • He got up and successfully ambulated on parallel bars without much difficulty.

    Press Briefing By Mike Mccurry

  • The short figure of the paraman ambulated somewhat stiffly through the doorway, negotiating the rugs with care.

    The Dragon Lensman

  • Burnett ambulated to Bristol with me from Oxford. he is a worthy fellow whom I greatly esteem. we have a wild Welchman [12] red hot from the mountains at Balliol who would please & amuse you much. he is perfectly ignorant of the world but with all the honest warm feelings of Nature, & good head & a good heart.

    Letter 96

  • You've ambulated, you've taken an unaided shit, and the Utilization Management coordinator just wrote your discharge order.

    Blogtimore, Hon

  • When the middle child married, and he was the only one of the three to do so, he brought his bride to reside in the tenement above the Orchard Street tailor shop, where, tilting first to one side and then the other (they ambulated more erratically than Can o" Beans), the Cohens daily performed their crab dance of life.

    Skinny Legs and All


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