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  • noun Plural form of amender.


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  • and for weirdness' sake, my word verification is "amenders" which I find amusing as I had to re-enter the wv because I decided to edit my post.

    The Price of Oil

  • Many in the GOP want the right wing clingers and religious zealots (you know pro-life, anti - gay marriage, 2nd amenders) OUT OF THE PARTY.

    Latest Articles

  • I'm also going to push the authors on a related point: that legislative codes and constitutions are produced over long stretches of time, with amenders making changes based on their view of what the text means, which is not necessarily what the text meant to the original authors or intervening amenders.

    Dorf on Law

  • The Wisconsin Democrat, who is steeped in his state’s progressive tradition, says, as would-be amenders of the Constitution often do, that he is reluctant to tamper with the document but tamper he must because the threat to the public weal is immense: Some governors have recently behaved badly in appointing people to fill U.S. Senate vacancies.

    Matthew Yglesias » George Will’s Odd Aversion to Democracy

  • We live in a Constitutional Republic in which the government’s powers are limited by the import of several very important constitutional clauses that do indeed refer to concepts within an intellectual tradition influenced by the faith of our constitutional framers and amenders.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Abigail Alliance, Fundamental Rights, and the Declaration of Independence:

  • "The makers of the Constitution, the amenders of the Constitution -- that document subject to change, subject to being ignored, as has been the case -- could never, under the enduring law, guarantee success plucked as an apple for each and every man who had not earned it.

    The Law of the Land


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