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  • n. A view in Christian eschatology that rejects the claimed future thousand-year physical reign of Jesus Christ on the earth, in opposition to premillennial and some postmillennial views of the Book of Revelation, chapter 20, claiming instead that the number of years in Revelation 20 is a symbolic number and that Christ's eventual physical reign will be permanent.


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a- + millennial + -ism


  • For fourteen hundred years or so after that, most Christians adhered to a doctrine now known as amillennialism, which holds that John was speaking symbolically.

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  • For the next 1,300 years Augustinian amillennialism remained the official teaching of the church.

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  • Today, most Catholics and mainline Protestants believe some form of amillennialism.

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  • I always knew I couldn't buy dispensationalism, but it took me a while to accept amillennialism.

    Jesus Creed

  • In Elements of Popular Theology (1834) Schmucker takes exception to the Augsburg Confession's position of amillennialism, preferring instead a postmillennial position.

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  • Stephen: I can see merits in all four positions: preterism, amillennialism, post-millennialism and historic premillennialism.

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  • That will leave me free to warn people about the proper view of end times (Reformed amillennialism, of course).

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  • Proto-fundamentalist theology saw a dramatic shift away from post - and amillennialism and toward a premillennial understanding of Jesus 'second coming.


  • He comments about amillennialism kind of soured me and I'm historic premill!



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