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  • Same as amorphous.

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  • adjective Having no defined shape, lacking form; amorphous.
  • adjective genetics, of a mutation Causing a complete loss of gene function.


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  • This amorphic object seemingly floats of the ground, acting as a beacon for the Baileys brand.

    Bailissimo Traveling Bar by Jump Studios

  • This amorphic object seemingly floats of the ground, acting as a beacon for the Baileys brand.

    The ReLegs Chair by Jennifer Heier

  • Made of recycled aluminum, the amorphic chair, called "Memory," squishes into a new shape every time someone sits in it.

    Recycled Aluminum Chair Changes Shape With Each Sitting

  • The agreement's impact on climate change will be even more amorphic, nevertheless, we can expect an abundance of fear mongering on the road to ratification.

    The Obama Nobel Is Not About Peace

  • If you look carefully, you have the wheels, the windscreen seems to have slid off to the right, the brown amorphic shape could be the grill and headlights.

    Dastardly Dad Designs

  • Alex - I might have misheard this, of course, but I'm under the impression that the new movie Silent Hill has something to do with a fire burning underneath a town for years and years and years - only it turns out that, yep, it's the fires of Hell, and the town looks to be full of these sort of amorphic, mouthless, mutant white worm-people.

    Helltown USA

  • The present, fluid, amorphic situation is preferable and suits everybody.

    Mark Levine: What Good is Winning the Wars if you Lose the Peace?

  • These stories were their social glue, the gossip and the wisdom that defined the people as an amorphic mass.

    Do Atheists Exist?

  • The scientific know-how to transform a population of amorphic cells to a homogenous tissue is critical for the success of transplantation, as well as the prevention of deadly teratomas that arise when nondifferentiated embryonic stem cells are transplanted.


  • There are some reports of amorphic, shape-changing UFOs that remind me of three-dimensional cross-sections of a moving four-dimensional object.

    Posthuman Blues


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