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  • n. Plural form of amphetamine.


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  • PINSKY: What we would see for people using high doses, the same thing we see with other amphetamines, which is brain damage, chronic memory disturbances and chronic depressions.

    CNN Transcript Sep 8, 2004

  • They are trying to defend themselves with the use of amphetamines, which is bringing on a whole new issue in the military.

    CNN Transcript Jan 12, 2003

  • Kleist's careful brush convincingly captures the creepy crawly feeling of flesh sautéed in amphetamines, which is one of the book's indisputable highlights, as is his rendering of Cash's vision of ghost riders in the sky.


  • It appears the editing was done by a monkey injected with amphetamines, which is to say it was edited to look like a Michael Bay film.


  • There are so many accounts of exactly what happened next, but all converge on the fact that he had drunk a fair amount, taken some kind of amphetamines ( "Black bombers, I think, given to him by Devon Wilson," surmises Altham) and some of Danneman's Vesparax sleeping pills, not knowing their strength.

    Jimi Hendrix: 'You never told me he was that good'

  • We fight sleepiness with stimulants, ranging from the caffeine in coffee and tea and energy drinks to drugs such as amphetamines, and, more recently, modafinil (marketed in Canada as Alertec).

    If I could save sleep in a bottle...

  • Yet the vast majority of players say their peers have used substances such as amphetamines or steroids in this, the first season both have been banned. - Why so many home runs?

  • Caffeine and stay-awake drugs such as amphetamines can be addictive and may be too stimulating, write the researchers.

    New Drug to Compensate for Sleep-Deprived Brain | Impact Lab

  • Some synthetics, such as amphetamines, are still prescribed for a variety of illnesses, though their medical benefits are thought to be limited.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Minnesota joins 33 other states that monitor prescriptions for controlled substances such as amphetamines, barbiturates and even some diet pills.

    News & Features from Minnesota Public Radio


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