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  • ‘I’ve already had ample time to have my wicked way with your unconscious self — remember?

    Mistress For A Weekend

  • The last good-bye was to the conductor, who, after charging them to return in ample time to catch the train, said seriously to Norton:

    The Shagganappi

  • Edgytha could have been back in Vivers long ago, and by what she had said to the maid Madlyn she had intended to return in ample time to be at her mistress's disposal after supper.

    The Confession of Brother Haluin

  • A week till my ship sailed, ample time … sixteen hundred … Mrs Carpenter swooning with gratitude … h'm …

    Flashman and the Dragon

  • During the years of the Sunteleia, or consummation, there will be ample time for the Euphrates valley to be developed and Babylon to be rebuilt.

    Commentary on Revelation

  • Louvaine had left hers only to go to her assignation in the pine-woods with Leo; nor did this furnish any more of an alibi for her than the others had, for she had arrived rather later than he, leaving her ample time to have dropped in on Mrs Rodd, en route.

    Tour de Force

  • No news seemed good news; for I would have ample time to provide against a debarkation north of Hutchin's.

    Generals, Confederate States of America, Biography, Soldiers, Louisiana, Southern States, Army, Louisiana Infantry Regiment, 9th., History, Civil War, 1861-1865, Personal narratives, United States, Campaigns, Military Life, Reconstruction.

  • But the Germans had now enjoyed ample time to prepare their defences, and after a week the Russo - Polish effort died away, with the attackers having learned, as the Anglo-Saxons were learning that same time at Arnhem, that the last five or six miles can be critical when a be - leaguered garrison has to be relieved.


  • Still, they had ample time to arrange their makeshift cooling apparatus and treat the men in groups — ten hours probably; and hypo­thermy was a standard thing, now.

    Science Fiction Hall of Fame

  • The Skagerrak was much closer to German than to British bases, and with the Danish coast protecting his starboard — eastern — flank and destroyer and light cruiser screens spread far to the west on his port flank, zeppelin reconnaissance was unnecessary; Scheer still would have sufficient warning and ample time after annihilating Beatty to retreat to the safety of the minefields in the Bight.

    Castles of Steel


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