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  • “Good-mornin 'to yez, sir, an' a fine day it is,” said the latter, with his usually breezy way.

    The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him

  • Where there aren't no p'ints o 'compass, an' a man can get a rest;

    Memories and Anecdotes

  • "The new house is jest splendid - green blinds to the winders, an 'cyarpets on the floors, a spring-house, an' a windmill to keep the house an 'barn in water."

    Northern Georgia sketches,

  • Page 262 agin Liz's marvelous faith, nur her sudden speritual spurt, but that in his opinion the doctrine o 'salvation through faith without actual deeds of the flesh to give it backbone wuz all shucks, an' a dangerous doctrine to teach to a risin 'gineration.

    Northern Georgia sketches,

  • "She's got 'er lamp on the table an' a paper in 'er lap, but she hain't a-readin' of it," said

    Northern Georgia sketches,

  • Ses I, 'Hepsy, there ain't no use o' wantin 'worldly riches, 'cause our lives all passes away like a dream, an' a hundred years hence 't won't make no sort o 'diffurnce what we 've hed, an' what we heve n't hed. '

    Oldtown Folks

  • On'y a couple o 'stores, an' a hotel, an 'a few houses.

    A Little Bush Maid

  • There 's Ellery Devenport ben down here these two weeks, a puttin 'up at the tahvern, with a landau an' a span o 'crack horses, a takin' on her out to ride every day, and Miss Mehitable, she 's so sot up, she 's reelly got a bran-new bonnet, an 'left off that' ere old un o 'hern that she 's had trimmed over spring an' fall goin 'on these' ere ten years.

    Oldtown Folks

  • He had good blood in 'im; his father was a teacher an' a circuit-rider.

    Northern Georgia sketches,

  • An 'hull bar'ls o' flour, an 'sugar, an' a creation sight of eberyting in de beyeutiful house, an 'now look at dis ole shell!' '

    Twilight stories


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