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  • n. Plural form of anachronism.


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  • -- The stories of Jesus 'human weaknesses and of the disciples' faults also bespeak the Gospels 'accuracy: the Gospels do not try to suppress apparent discrepancies, which indicates their originality; the Gospels do not contain anachronisms; the authors appear to have been first-century Jews who were witnesses of the events;

    I saw TDVC and I almost lost my faith...

  • It is not, however, so much on these as on so-called anachronisms that assailants have attacked the letters.

    The Quarterly Review, Volume 162, No. 324, April, 1886

  • He was unhappily sure that Mrs. May's position in her far-off world (world for which he was deemed unworthy) associated her with dukes, earls, barons, counts, and all sorts of titled anachronisms of every nation.

    The Port of Adventure

  • And I donĀ“t think it is enough for Neil to argue like his mythicist friend Joseph Wallack that there are so many "anachronisms" in GMark that it must be 2nd century.

    Mythicism and John the Baptist

  • Shomarka Keita's presentation alone is more than sufficient to overturn your accusations of "Twentieth century race politics", "anachronisms" and "ethonationalism."

    TONIGHT ON THE TERRORDOME: Martin Bernal on African Egypt

  • She queried so called 'anachronisms' on just about every page - none of them were anachronistic - it was just that she hadn't the faintest idea about the place or period - and she made the whole experience hideous.

    The right words, in the right order (1)

  • If this were so, the relative rarity of "anachronisms" and of modernisms in language in the Homeric poems is explained.

    Homer and His Age

  • Such poets and artists never have the fear of "anachronisms" before them.

    Homer and His Age

  • "anachronisms" and "contradictions," but in no way militates against the doctrine that Moses was the original author of the whole of the Pentateuch.

    Easton's Bible Dictionary

  • I adore the crafting of this story, the carefully incorporated anachronisms and the sheer * heart* of it.

    Prodigal Mage winners!


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