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  • abbr. anaerobic ammonium oxidation, a part of the nitrogen cycle


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  • These creatures, now called anammox bacteria, transform caustic and hazardous ammonium into dinitrogen, the harmless nitrogen gas that makes up 78% of the air we breathe.

    Washing The Water

  • Now Lohan is trying to incorporate anammox bacteria into Living Machines.

    Washing The Water

  • Lohan cautions that the company has only been able to incorporate anammox bacteria in the lab.

    Washing The Water

  • If Lohan can get his anammox bacteria to behave well enough to deal with pig and cow waste, maybe the livestock too will appreciate the Living Machine's vegetation.

    Washing The Water

  • Another pathway of N2 production is the anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox; NH4++ NO2 - → N2 + 2H2O) which, in contrast to denitrification, is carried by chemoautotrophic bacteria.

    Marine nitrogen cycle

  • A part of the uncertainty in water-column N2 production arises from the fact that most estimates are based on the deficiency in NO3 - within the OMZs relative to the concentration expected from the nearly-constant relative changes in C: N: P: O in seawater due to biological activity (the Redfield Ratios: 106: 16: 1: 138), whereas the recently discovered anammox process supported by measurements of N2/Ar suggests that the extent of N2 production might substantially exceed ‘nitrate deficits’.

    Marine nitrogen cycle


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