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  • adj. Of or relating to anarchism or anarchy.

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  • Pertaining to, having the characteristics of, or advocating anarchism.

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  • adj. of or related to anarchism or tending toward anarchism


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  • 71Because they understood freedom in anarchistic terms, as the absence of all hierarchy and rules, the Diggers and Free Families organized social and sexual reproduction around their choice to resist the regime of money and property.

    Manhood in the Age of Aquarius: Masculinity in Two Countercultural Communities, 1965–83

  • Started in 1980 in the Bay Area of California, this radical group of Witches mixes magick and politics within a structure that could happily be called anarchistic!

    Where To Park Your Broomstick

  • Only one or two openly professed what may be called anarchistic views, and these were young students, recent arrivals, who looked more like robbing an orchard than threatening a throne.

    From Paris to New York by Land

  • On July 31, 1909, we find Victor Berger, who posed as the special exponent of "political action," against the "anarchistic" element in his party, writing as follows in the "Social Democratic Herald" of

    The Red Conspiracy

  • The four pages of each number were given over either to philosophical articles no more "anarchistic" than

    The Conflict

  • Libertarians and many "Tea Partiers" unknowingly wish to spin our Democracy into an a kind of anarchistic oligarchy where the banks and corporations will rule and mercilessly step on not only on the tea party people, but all the little people and we will continue to have what we ` ve had for so many years: Democracy for the few.

    Boulder Daily Camera Most Viewed

  • Comment id: 3461 what we need in denver is more aggresive approaches at bringing the "anarchistic" way of though into the "mainstream," or atleast to a larger portion of denver's populace.

    Colorado Independent Media Center

  • If you teabaggers want to take some of the “stigma” out of these rag-tag lawless anarchistic so-called “militias,” you might start by disbanding them.

    Think Progress » Michigan Militia plans ‘open carry’ gun tea party to ‘take the stigma out of the word militia.’

  • I regret that your post regarding retiring in Yucatan got diverted into some banal semi-intellectual discourse among cloistered word-monks of how sophisticated people refer to the anarchistic megalopolis commonly referred to about the world as Mexico City which, of course, has nothing to do with anything and much less your inquiry regarding the Yucatan Peninsula which is as removed from the Mexico City conurbation as Oughagadougou is from Beijing.

    Retiring in Yucatan

  • Is this the same bimbo who was accusing Obama of "palling around with terrorists" and whipping all the right wing rednecks into a anarchistic rage?

    Latest ethics complaints should be 'a wake-up call,' Palin says


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