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  • n. Plural form of anchorite.


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  • (Eremites, "inhabitants of a desert", from the Greek eremos), also called anchorites, were men who fled the society of their fellow-men to dwell alone in retirement.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 7: Gregory XII-Infallability

  • The second kind is that of the anchorites, that is the hermits, those who have learned to fight against the devil, not by the new fervor of conversion, but by a long probation in a monastery, having been taught already by association with many; and having been well prepared in the army of the brethren for the solitary fight of the hermit, and secure now without the encouragement of another, they are able, God helping them, to fight with their own hand or arm against the vices of the flesh or of their thoughts.

    A Source Book for Ancient Church History

  • Painters and sculptors are well aware of this, for they never represent those to whom abstinence is a matter of duty, such as anchorites and misers, except as pale, thin, and wrinkled.

    The Physiology of Taste

  • You have a forest, which has the magical property of turning evil brothers into repentant model citizens or anchorites.

    As You Like It at BAM

  • A few of the anchorites living in the shanties claim they saw her.

    A Good Place for Graves « A Fly in Amber

  • He had fled, silently, in the night, from their anchorites 'board.


  • I am reminded of the anchorites and fugitive slave Harriet Jacobs, living in a small attic space, at times like this.

    A bad Fall: damage severe

  • On the theory that there wouldn't be rules about things that people weren't doing, the lives of anchorites seem to have been not entirely hair shirts and flagellation.

    Rules for Anchorites

  • The wilderness is the solitary life of the anchoress's dwelling, for just as in the wilderness there are all the wild beasts, and they will not endure men coming near but flee when they hear them, so should anchorites, above all other women, be wild in this way...

    Rules for Anchorites

  • Yes, that is a Julian of Norwich reference, because I enjoy the idea of cyber-anchorites.

    Books and Moar Books!


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