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  • I tell myself this is my age, every middle-aged man feels like this as his own face turns into lines, and joy dulls around him; but I felt like this when I was a young man; I felt like this as a boy.

    Jacob's Ladder

  • Beauty, Rocky and Diver immediately drove off the little queen, but it wasn't until Piemur, dashing tears of relief and joy from his eyes, called Farli to order and reassured Stupid, that any sort of coherent conversation was possible.

    Dragon Drums

  • I felt as if there warn't nothin 'left; and then the good Lord, he stood by me, and he says,' Fear not, Tom; 'and he brings light and joy in a poor feller's soul, -- makes all peace; and I 's so happy, and loves everybody, and feels willin' jest to be the Lord's, and have the Lord's will done, and be put jest where the Lord wants to put me.

    Uncle Tom's cabin, or Life among the lowly

  • Then they learned of the death of Smaug, and joy was in their hearts: and they hastened night after night through the mountains, and came thus at last on a sudden from the North hard on the heels of Dain.

    The Hobbit

  • However, the ebullient Mr. Duncan Campbell had fitted his pride and joy with a flight of wooden steps attached to a bobbing landing.

    Morgan’s Run

  • The conversation was introduced by Wendell Phillips, who, with all his courtesy, expressed our gratitude and joy at the Proclamation of Emancipation, and asked how it seemed to be working.

    The Every-day Life of Abraham Lincoln

  • Alarm and dismay were followed by relief and joy when the oncoming giant was identified as HMS Lion.

    Castles of Steel

  • And so back to my wife in my coach, and so with great content and joy home, where I made my boy to make an end of the Reall Character, which I begun a great while ago, and do please me infinitely, and indeed is a most worthy labour, and I think mighty easy, though my eyes make me unable to attempt any thing in it.

    Diary of Samuel Pepys, December 1668

  • Everything went according to plan, to the indescribable surprise and joy of the natives of Front Royal.


  • Filled with wonder and joy Rhoecus turned his steps homeward.

    Good Stories for Great Holidays


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