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  • Think of it—Mary Heaney disappeared more than a hundred years ago, and yet people who live down the road still know intimate details of her life.


  • Stocky, balding, sunglasses, loafers on his feet, the dress shirthe cut a bizarre figure on the course, as if he were more or less familiar with the game and yet badly out of sync, as if hed learned it from an instruction manual, or a DVD, and missed some of the lessons.

    The Italian Summer

  • “Sorry, Mrs. Strobe, just a short circuit in my tiny, and yet very complex, brain.”

    Bubble in the Bathtub

  • I watch her dance in front of the stove, her thick hands surprisingly graceful, her whole body submitting to the food-making ritual and yet presiding over it.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • Villapiano and Jacobson had, in fact, no decision-making power at all in those sweetheart deals, and yet we smeared them as Trenton insiders who fired people, screwed you out of your money, and gave kickback deals to people who donated to their campaign.

    How to Rig an Election

  • Sales-people quietly make their presence felt without jumping all over customers—it is possible to walk the full circuit of the store without ever being accosted, and yet not feel ignored.

    Experiential Marketing

  • Why could she sense so much in the presence of the cailín rua, the red-haired stranger she had never known, and yet feel nothing here from her own flesh and blood?


  • In the hospital, she was hooked up to skatey-illion tubes and IVs, and yet she was talking about coming back in six weeks and taking over her old spot.

    Moon Dance

  • Twombly profited from the global economy, and yet as an individual and an artist he was very much of a particular milieu, that of the American sophisticate in Europe although he hated the label "expatriate".

    Cy Twombly obituary

  • As Twombly told the critic David Sylvester, "the Mediterranean is always just white, white, white": in the 24 drawings called Poems to the Sea the colour blue barely appears, and yet the cursory lines and spots create a sea of the mind's eye – hours of contemplation transformed into a few cryptic marks.

    Cy Twombly obituary


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