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  • n. clownfish


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Due to the species' symbiotic relations to sea anemones


  • Click these links to see how the clown anemonefish provides constant care, how the giant bullfrog tenderly and strategically saves his babies 'lives, how the gorilla serves as a bodyguard for youngsters, and how the weedy seadragon carries his eggs before they hatch.

    Avital Binshtock: Worth Watching: "Life" on DVD

  • Underwater visual surveys in the Philippines have revealed densities of both anemonefish and anemones significantly lower in exploited areas.

    Practical Fishkeeping

  • Clownfish, also called clown anemonefish, are suffering from habitat loss as global warming causes coral reefs to decline, the IUCN report says.

    National Geographic News

  • There was tremendous colored coral everywhere all the way to the top of the pinnacle (which was deep enough to avoid bleaching) that was covered in coral, anemones, anemonefish, large groups of HUGE groupers and all sorts of other life. Recent Updates

  • But apparently the spinecheek anemonefish doesn't belong to the subfamily of anemonefishes (Amphiprioninae) but to another genus of damselfishes: Premnas

    Planet Atheism


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