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  • n. An interval of sexual inactivity between two periods of estrus in female mammals that breed cyclically.

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  • n. In some female animals, a spell of sexual respite in between breeding periods.

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  • n. a state or interval of sexual inactivity between two periods of estrus; -- applies to nonhuman mammals.

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  • n. applies to nonhuman mammals: a state or interval of sexual inactivity between two periods of estrus


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an- +‎ estrus


  • The final factor, and the one which has the greatest likelihood of being controlled, according to Anderson, is a condition known as "anestrus,"   a period of time in which a cow does not have any viability for reproduction that is often associated with the period of time following the birth of a calf.

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  • Mares on the average cycle from about February through about October, with a dormant period anestrus in the winter.

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  • (Although it is possible to freeze the buffalo semen now, further improvements are needed to achieve higher conception rates.) · Incidence of sub-estrus and anestrus.

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  • After the two months of progesterone production, the dog goes into a three to five month period where there are no reproductive hormones secreted anestrus.

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  • He said that a number of factors have shown to control the length post-partum anestrus, including the presence of the newborn calf; the age of the mother cow; and the body condition score, which is a numerical representation of the cow's physical condition.

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  • Anderson said that with the windows of time for calving and breeding being in close proximity, the period of post-calving, or post-partum, anestrus can have a large impact on calf production for the next year.

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  • Although the mechanism is not understood, he said, nursing and the physical presence of the calf appear to initiate the period of anestrus.

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  • Mare: - granulosa cell tumours are the most common neoplasm in the mare, and the most common indication for ovariectomy - ovary palpates 10-40 cm; unlike cow, it tends to stop growth in size at about 40 cm Clinical Signs Vary: - male-like 45% - anestrus 30% - nymphomania 25%

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  • Luteal Cysts: - follicle that only partially ovulates, because of inadequate LH - a problem mainly of cattle, not horses Clinical Signs: - anestrus (occurring post-partum usually) - Can palpate a unilateral, 35-50 mm diameter, round, smooth, thick walled structure on the ovary 63

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  • "Seasonal anestrus" - no GnRH = no FSH/LH - ovaries largely dormant - uterus atrophies

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