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  • If it can aneth… annes… make yu sleeps, yu nawt can resist being nommed!

    We has fownd - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Although this quiche is delicious, i really encourage you to get off the line and experiment with other ingredients such as salmon, aneth and potato, or courgette, gruyere and bacon… Actually the combiantions are enless.

    foodbeam » 2006 » February

  • "I'm here, Bawbie," says a shiverin 'voice in aneth the bed.

    My Man Sandy

  • My legs were like to double up aneth me, an 'my knees knokit up acrain' ane anither like's they'd haen a pley aboot something.

    My Man Sandy

  • I keekit in aneth the door, juist to see what wud happen.

    My Man Sandy

  • They're juist the very marrows o 'ane anither; an' if you cairry the lines at the side o 'them here a bit farrer doon, an' get in ablo the boddam o 'the triangle, ye'll find that the corners aneth the boddam are juist the very marrows

    My Man Sandy

  • I floo to my bed, an 'in aneth the claes, an' lay for a meenit or so expectin 'the cuples wud be doon on the tap o's, an' bruze baith o's to pooder.

    My Man Sandy

  • He says an 'does a' mortal thing on a system o 'his ain; Gairner Winton often says that if Sandy had been in the market-gardenin' line, he wudda grown his cabbage wi 'the stocks aneth the ground, juist to lat them get the fresh air aboot their ruits.

    My Man Sandy

  • "Ow, as usual," answered the _natural_, "turnin up ilka muckle stane to luik for his maister aneth it!"

    Salted with Fire

  • Them 'at sleepit aneth me, for there was twa men-servan's aboot the hoose that time -- an' troth there was need o 'them an' mair, sic war the gangin's on! an 'they sleepit whaur I'm tauld ye sleep noo, Cosmo -- them' at sleepit there tellt me 'at never a nicht passed' at they h'ardna soons 'aneth them' at there was no mainner

    Warlock o' Glenwarlock


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