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  • n. An Eskimo/Inuit sorcerer or shaman.

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  • n. A diviner or sorcerer among the Greenlanders.
  • n. Among the Eskimos of Arctic America, a medicine-man; a sorcerer; a shaman.


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Variant of angakok, from Greenlandic.


  • As the word angekok signifies "wise man," Ippegoo would have been a fool indeed had he failed to see the truism.

    Red Rooney The Last of the Crew

  • Then the angekok, the village sorcerer, came in, and Kotuko told him the tale a second time.

    The Second Jungle Book

  • "Follow the tornait [the spirits of the stones], and they will bring us food again," said the angekok.

    The Second Jungle Book

  • Everybody was full and sleepy, so no one contradicted; and the angekok, by virtue of his office, helped himself to yet another lump of boiled meat, and lay down to sleep with the others in the warm, well-lighted, oil-smelling home.

    The Second Jungle Book

  • "Ah," said the angekok, with an important cough, as though he had been thinking it all over.

    The Second Jungle Book

  • He wanted to go into the quaggi, the Singing-House, when the hunters gathered there for their mysteries, and the angekok, the sorcerer, frightened them into the most delightful fits after the lamps were put out, and you could hear the Spirit of the Reindeer stamping on the roof; and when a spear was thrust out into the open black night it came back covered with hot blood.

    The Second Jungle Book

  • So far as regards both their derivation and their psychological content, these usages and the conceptions on which they rest belong to a stage in cultural development no later than that of the angekok and the rain-maker.

    The theory of the leisure class; an economic study of institutions

  • The ideal heavens of modern poets and novelists, and of ancient priests, come no nearer than the drugged dreams of the angekok and the biraark of Greenland and Queensland to that rest and peace whereof it has not entered into the mind of man to conceive.

    In the Wrong Paradise

  • It was afternoon when they came to the valley in which dwelt the angekok, or, as Red Indians would have styled him, the medicine-man.

    The Giant of the North Pokings Round the Pole

  • He did so all the more readily that he himself aimed at the high and dignified office of an angekok, an aspiration which had at first been planted in him, and afterwards been carefully encouraged by his deceiver, because it made his dupe, if possible, a blinder and more willing tool.

    Red Rooney The Last of the Crew


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