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  • n. In ordinary language, same as ankle, 1.
  • n. In zoology and anatomy, the tarsal joint. In mammals, the tibiotarsal articulation.
  • n. In other vertebrates, the mediotarsal articulation. See tarsal, tarsus.


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  • Dislocations at the ankle-joint require strong extension, either with the hands or some such means, and adjustment, which at the same time effects both acts; this is common in all cases.

    Instruments Of Reduction

  • Wherefore, then, some of these congenital displacements, if to a small extent, may be reduced to their natural condition, and especially those at the ankle-joint.

    On The Articulations

  • In cases of complete dislocation at the ankle-joint, complicated with an external wound, whether the displacement be inward or outward, you are not to reduce the parts, but let any other physician reduce them if he choose.

    On The Articulations

  • When the wealth of Oroites had come or had been carried527 up to Susa, it happened not long after, that king Dareios while engaged in hunting wild beasts twisted his foot in leaping off his horse, and it was twisted, as it seems, rather violently, for the ball of his ankle-joint was put out of the socket.

    The History of Herodotus

  • He was suffering from a rheumatic affection of the ankle-joint.


  • It seemed that he favoured the right foot, though both trod with wincing tenderness, as though he had trodden askew on a sharp-edged stone, and either cut his sole or twisted his ankle-joint.

    The Pilgrim of Hate

  • But the projecting heel of the human foot is the arm of a lever, haying the ankle-joint as its fulcrum, and, as it strikes the ground, brings the sole of the foot down flat upon it, as shown in figure 1.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 11, No. 67, May, 1863

  • The ankle-joint is a loose hinge, and the great muscles of the calf can straighten the foot out so far that practised dancers walk on the tips of their toes.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 11, No. 67, May, 1863

  • Grim cut off Skiolld's foot at the ankle-joint, but Helgi thrust him through with his spear, and he got his death there and then.

    The Story of Burnt Njal: the great Icelandic tribune, jurist, and counsellor

  • The result was an abscess, disease of the ankle-joint, and a long agony, which ended in the amputation of the right foot.

    How to Get on in the World A Ladder to Practical Success


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