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  • n. Any of a family of adaptor proteins that mediate the attachment of integral membrane proteins to the spectrin-actin based membrane skeleton.


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  • Bennett was the first scientist to delineate a molecule called ankyrin and for years has been studying its roles in the heart and brain, as well as other organ systems. - latest science and technology news stories

  • A molecule called ankyrin B plays an important role in insulin response.

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  • The mechanism involves a protein called ankyrin, which UI researchers previously linked to potentially fatal human heart arrhythmias.


  • The new mechanism involves a protein called ankyrin and appears to regulate specialized pancreatic cells and insulin secretion The researchers hope that the new discovery may help identify new molecular targets for treating both rare and common forms of diabetes and hyperinsulinemia.

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  • The investigators found that variants in a gene called ankyrin 2, or ANK2, resulted in dysfunction in the protein ankyrin-B in the members of these two different families, said the study's senior author Peter Mohler, Ph. D., associate professor of internal medicine in the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.

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  • Vann had also joined the Wellcome Laboratories, and he developed techniques to study the principal structural proteins from red blood cell membranes - spectrin, which formed the girders of the membrane skeleton, and ankyrin, the attachment protein that he discovered.

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  • Further investigation revealed that one type of mutation in ankyrin B was associated with type 2 diabetes in Hispanics and whites.

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  • Experiments with mice lacking the molecule showed that ankyrin B deficiency impairs the parasympathetic chain of events that lead to insulin secretion.

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  • O, Bennett V (2002) The ankyrin-B C-terminal domain determines activity of ankyrin-B/G chimeras in rescue of abnormal inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate and ryanodine receptor distribution in ankyrin-B (−/−) neonatal cardiomyocytes.

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  • They found that one of these mutations of ankyrin-B (R1788W) was associated with type 2 diabetes in about 1 percent of Caucasian and Hispanic individuals. - latest science and technology news stories


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