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  • To add some excitement to this already exciting event, Jupiter is lording over his own sign of Sagittarius to add some puff and tinsel to the great false idols that Pluto intends to annihiliate.

    Horoscope for the week of November 25, 2007

  • Antiprotons "annihiliate" if they come into contact with normal protons

    BBC News - Home

  • The team says that this is evidence that bands of antiprotons, analogous to the Van Allen belts, hold the antiprotons in place - at least until they encounter the normal matter of the atmosphere, when they "annihiliate" in a flash of light.

    BBC News - Home

  • Definition: to utterly destroy (or annihiliate) someone in a duel using noodle foam tubes

  • He planned to subjugate, enslave and, in the long term, annihiliate most people in eastern Europe and would have done so had he not been booted out.

    A Tangled Web

  • When collided together, protons at this speed annihiliate in a burst of energy and other particles; the higher the speed, the more exotic the results.

    ZDNet UK Highlights

  • The word annihil had earlier in Latin been ad nihil meaning "to nothing" from which we can see why annihiliate means "bring something to nothing."

    podictionary - for word lovers - dictionary etymology, trivia & history

  • For it would be the height of absurdity and wickedness, to attempt to restore the Union, by war against the seceded States, when this plea of necessity confesses that, in order to make the effort successful, it was necessary to destroy their State and municipal governments; to rob the people of all their property; to deprive them of all their rights under their State governments; in fact, to annihiliate their political existence, as the people of the States, and to render it impossible to restore the Union, with the rights and privileges of the States preserved; and to do all this by the prostration of the most solemn guaranties of the Constitution.

    Secession: Considered as a Right in the States Composing the Late American Union of States, and as to the Grounds of Justification of the Southern States in Exercising the Right.


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