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  • verb Present participle of annunciate.


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  •  P-O-U-M? she asked the archivist, annunciating the letters in her awkward accent.

    Coffee in Huesca

  • I can picture Jim, gyrating him-self into a potentially adulterous situation and over annunciating with a wide horse mouth.

    The Middle Age

  • But today I thought he did a better job of annunciating both for an American audience and an international audience what he believes as part of the tradition of what American presidents have believe, very effectively and again in a way that has got people in all quarters of American life I think pleased with what he said and what he projected.

    CNN Transcript Dec 10, 2009

  • CAFFERTY: Well, it got mixed up because Sarah Palin was the one who was annunciating it.

    CNN Transcript Aug 11, 2009

  • What he was doing at that time was basically annunciating Bush administration policy.

    CNN Transcript Jan 24, 2009

  • The hum of the highway, the trickle of KQWB from the service bays, the occasional Ding-Ding of a car rolling over the annunciating snake, but quiet.

    Thursday, As Promised – The Bleat.

  • What do you think about this new strategy that Bill Clinton is annunciating?

    CNN Transcript Feb 8, 2008

  • Problem with McCain's campaign is that while it is clever and cute with the cutting down to size of Obama, and has done a decent job annunciating McCain's impressive biography, the campaign still hasn't presented a coherent rationale FOR the ticket.

    Let's compare the candidates' post-debate ads.

  • And the whole truth about these glacial but already flowering weeks was suggested to me in this drawing-room, which soon I should be entering no more, by other more intoxicating forms of whiteness, that for example of the guelder-roses clustering, at the summits of their tall bare stalks, like the rectilinear trees in pre-Raphaelite paintings, their balls of blossom, divided yet composite, white as annunciating angels and breathing a fragrance as of lemons.

    Within a Budding Grove

  • But, over and above these mellowing features of a respectable ancestry, the annunciating Angel of the Great Exhibition of_ 1851 _has spread a brooding wing.

    Angels & Ministers


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