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  • First on one side you see several rooms filled with paintings as before, all so curious, and the variety such, that it is with reluctance that you can turn from them; while looking another way you are called off by a vast collection of busts and pieces of the greatest antiquity of the kind, both Greek and Romans; among these there is one of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius in basso-relievo.

    From London to Land's End

  • But another way to understand it is that it's the first generally available way of disambiguating identity.

    The New Online Wars

  •  A good way to avoid company, if I want to avoid it, thought Liir, as his spirit began once again to settle down into his body, or — put another way — as his little dreamlet ended and the sorrier sense of the world, even this pretty corner of it, flooded back in.

    Son of a Witch

  • “I understand your reluctance, Mr. Corsi, and believe me when I tell you that Starfleet would not be making this request if there was another way that offered the same or greater chance of success.”


  • Whenever I find myself there, I now take a microaction by asking, “Is there another way to fill in this blank?”

    I Used to Have a Handle on Life But It Broke

  • But after a while, the Barbary powers became so outrageous in their demands, that it occurred to the State Department that there might be another way of dealing with them, and a squadron under Commodore Preble was sent to the Mediterranean for the purpose.

    American Men of Action

  • Debbie Acklin believes that having realistic expectations is just another way of setting limitations on herself.

    CSS: Shaping the New You

  • But far more important was their practical demonstration that there is another way to live, on terms of greater intimacy with the woods and landslower, more deliberate and benign: a quiet assertion of greenwood values.


  • If you run out of bait, is there another way to get objects, like using two sticks, chopstick-style, to pick up a can?

    Playing Together

  • Ilene: A restaurant-hop is another way to give a birthday dinner out some get-up-and-go.

    The Swell Dressed Party


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