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  • adv. In the manner of an antecedent; previously

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adv. Previously; before in time; at a time preceding.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Previously; at a time preceding.
  • In advance of any observation of the effects of a given hypothesis; on a priori grounds.

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  • adv. at an earlier time or formerly


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  • The opinion that the name Jahveh was adopted by the Jews from the Chanaanites, has been defended … but has been rejected … It is antecedently improbable that Jahveh, the irreconcilable enemy of the Chanaanites, should be originally a Chanaanite god …

    jhvh is the enemy of god and man

  • My thought is that religion can serve in amplifying and directing a commitment to previously accepted values: so, for example, if you are antecedently committed to relieving human suffering and to promoting equal opportunities, you may find particular parts of the Gospels inspiring.

    Michael Ruse: The Quest For Inclusion in the Science and Religion Debate

  • The premisses must be the causes of the conclusion, better known than it, and prior to it; its causes, since we possess scientific knowledge of a thing only when we know its cause; prior, in order to be causes; antecedently known, this antecedent knowledge being not our mere understanding of the meaning, but knowledge of the fact as well.

    Locke's Philosophy of Science

  • Unlike the first three types of sameness, being “of a kind” entails that things are antecedently similar

    Mohist Canons

  • Since nothing is ever present to the mind but perceptions, and since all ideas are deriv'd from something antecedently present to the mind, it follows, that 'tis impossible for us so much as to conceive or form an idea of any thing specifically different from ideas and impressions.

    David Hume

  • If one is antecedently committed to empiricism, it may seem a manifestation of the appropriately intimate connection between the aesthetic character of a work and the value of the experience that the work affords.

    The Concept of the Aesthetic

  • Both projects attempt to ground moral principles in the social contract, but the Lockean one does so by appealing to the antecedently given obligation to honor agreements, while the Hobbesian project attempts to explain the duty of fidelity itself, as one of a piece with other moral principles, in terms of the social contract.

    Transport: a Flash-Fiction Triptych

  • For either (a) a bestowal itself cannot be justified (as on Singer's account), in which case the justification of love is impossible, or (b) a bestowal can be justified, in which case it is hard to make sense of value as being bestowed rather than there antecedently in the object as the grounds of that


  • Reason does of course play a role in our moral life, but only as helping to guide us to an end antecedently determined by affection, in particular the affection of universal benevolence.

    Scottish Philosophy in the 18th Century

  • The notion of a sound deductive argument is (arguably) relatively clear (or at least something that can be regarded as antecedently understood from the point of view of characterizing scientific explanation).

    Scientific Explanation


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