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  • adj. moving or directed forward

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  • Progressive: opposed to retrograde.


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  • Up to10 percent of ASP patients may suffer long term antegrade memory deficits as well as motor and sensory neuropathy. 10

    Fish poisonings and envenomations

  • Such a procedure facilitates the antegrade evacuation of the colon so that children will not leak stool in between their enemas.

    Reconstructive urologic surgery in children

  • Cserni T, Jozsa T, Csizy I, Carr MC, Canning DA, Rushton HG: The danger of intraoperative antegrade cannulation of the ureter in infancy and early childhood.

    Publications of the Urology Division

  • The sort of amnesia that's being described here, where you have both antegrade and retrograde amnesia, meaning that you forgot what happened around the event and you forgot things before the event, like your parents, but you're also forgetting things that are about to happen to you.

    CNN Transcript Feb 25, 2004

  • And Zimmer Natural Nail, with all the different anatomical sites antegrade, retrograde, cephalomedullary nail, tibial nail is fully launched at this point in time.

  • A role of BIN1 in facilitating microtubule-based antegrade delivery of membrane protein traffic adds an important facet to the multifunctional BAR domain family.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • We have identified that membrane-associated BIN1 not only induces membrane curvature but can direct specific antegrade delivery of microtubule-transported membrane proteins.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • To evaluate if microtubules are involved in antegrade trafficking of Cav1. 2 channels, we exposed live primary adult ventricular cardiomyocytes to the microtubule disruptor nocodazole in the presence of dynasore, a specific dynamin GTPase inhibitor that blocks endocytosis

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • The primary finding of this study is the identification of a novel role for BIN1 as a T-tubule anchoring protein accepting antegrade delivery of Cav1. 2.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • There may be a general role for BAR domain proteins in allowing antegrade trafficking and localization of membrane-bound proteins.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles


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