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  • This analysis covers a broad range from non-lethal weapons technology, and very shallow water mines to armor and anti-armor technologies, and Information Operations threats.

    pat rogers

  • Of the total of 492 firearms with detailed weapon type listed, nearly two thirds (63 percent) were either assault weapons (209 or 42 percent), armor-piercing handguns (88 or 18 percent), or anti-armor 50 caliber sniper rifles (11 or two percent).

    Josh Sugarmann: Armor-Piercing 5.7mm Pistol Used at Fort Hood Originally Designed for Military Only

  • A new study released today by my organization, the Violence Policy Center, looks at U.S. court records from southwestern states and clearly shows that illegal gun traffickers involved in smuggling firearms to Mexico seek semiautomatic assault weapons, armor-piercing handguns, and 50 caliber anti-armor sniper rifles from U.S. gun shops.

    Josh Sugarmann: Sorry NRA -- Mexican Gun Traffickers Buy American

  • Over the past few years the gun industry has become increasingly dominated by manufacturers selling only AK-47 and AR-15 type assault rifles (newly christened "black rifles" by gunmakers to make them a little more cuddly and a little less killy), new high-powered handguns ranging from revolvers with the penetration power of rifles to AK-47 pistols, to anti-armor 50 caliber sniper rifles.

    Josh Sugarmann: NRA Members Spontaneously Combust

  • Roadside bombs cause more than two-thirds of U.S. casualties particularly by high-tech anti-armor devices, planted by those groups.

    Max Bergmann: NSN Iraq Daily Update 2/4/08

  • A 2001 Violence Policy Center (VPC) study, Voting From the Rooftops, revealed how Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden's terror network, purchased at least twenty-five 50-caliber anti-armor sniper rifles in the U.S. during the 1980s, and that an unknown number of the guns were also purchased in the U.S. by the terrorist Irish Republican Army.

    Josh Sugarmann: 50-Caliber Sniper Rifles: Tools of Terror

  • Hamilton has sketched how in a brief paper just published by the Center for Strategic & International Studies: "The capabilities required include secure command and control systems, an integrated air-defense … system, a robust maritime defense capability, counterartillery radar systems and a highly-lethal anti-armor capability."

    Georgian Army, American Made

  • The Marines will carry a small arsenal of portable firepower, including: 81-mm mortars to hit long-range targets, shoulder-fired Dragon missiles and light anti-armor weapons for shorter ones; 40-mm grenade launchers attached to the standard M-16A2 rifles to pummel Iraqi infantry, and shoulder-fired, multipurpose assault weapons that can take out bunkers.

    To The Shores Of Kuwait

  • Because the gunboat is designed to be effective against ground, air and space-based targets, she sports a combination of anti-armor canons and anti-personnel machine guns (on the bottom), rail guns and a packet plasma canon (on top).

    Firefly Ship Works Ltd. » Blog Archive » Introducing The Cerberus

  • Those anti-armor canons can be loaded with hi-yield explosive shells, making them effective against ground targets.

    Firefly Ship Works Ltd. » Blog Archive » Introducing The Cerberus


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