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  • n. Alternative spelling of antihero.


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anti- +‎ hero


  • And the latter I rearticulate as hero, non-hero and anti-hero.

    A Theory of Modes and Modalities

  • The antagonist, or perhaps better if in a different sense than usual, the anti-hero is Nigel Considine, a man who aspires to deity.

    Shadows of Ecstasy, by Charles Williams « Unknowing

  • He's the book's hero or, more exactly, its anti-hero, and Robert Kennedy is missing from the story for very long stretches at a time.

    Old heart crying

  • No matter how far the anti-hero of a revisionist western departs from the image, the image is always with him.

    Buffalo Bill! The thrill of my life to have invented you!

  • But Mr. Fincher has spoken about his kinship with his anti-hero.

    'Social Network' Goes to Harvard

  • The show is titled “Jimmy Big Time” and it is a tongue-in-cheek peek at an outdoor anti-hero; a relatively clueless dolt who spooks game, mangles equipment and generally makes a fool of himself.

    Uncategorized Blog Posts

  • Its anarchic anti-hero and pointed cadences echo the cinema of discontent that flourished in the late 1960s and '70s—acerbic, theatrical exorcisms in which dialogue served as caustic societal critique.

    Cooking Up Something Tasty

  • Its compelling first page draws you in to the strange world of Wilbur McCrum, dispossessed anti-hero extraordinaire and his outrageous adventures through cowboy country, meeting with tarts, religious swindlers, bank robbers, bounty hunters and freak shows, grappling with the problem of his great love, Ida May, who is dead and embalmed but being carted around by Wilbur.

    Readers recommend their favourite books of 2010

  • Great SF concepts, gritty and brutal action and a great anti-hero to boot.

    What SF would you recommend to a non-reader?

  • The filmmakers argue vehemently that "Zuck" should be seen as a hero or at least as an anti-hero, but for those less familiar with the mythology, his on screen presence often veers to the side of villainy.

    Marc Ruxin: The Social Network and the Real Social Network


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