anti-idiotarian love



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  • This kind of attitude reminds me of the old just-after-9/11 anti-idiotarian movement, where people spent a bunch of time “Fisking” Noam Chomsky and somehow let torture, warrantless wiretapping and unnecessary wars slip by.

    The Enemy of My Enemy

  • And anyone who can author a blog with a subtitle : Partially sprawling adventures of a culturally hegomonic anti-idiotarian functional-structuralist and anti-collectivist imperialist, among the smugly dreaming self-satisfied Prius-driving lizadroid-Leftbat Californoodlian Eco-Tofuistas.

    Tolerance and Acceptance

  • Perry, chief anti-idiotarian at the Libertarian Samizdata was then compelled to reply to the previous reader comments on LGF, and as usual his commentary is far more high-brow than yours truly:

    Balloon Juice » 2002 » January

  • Similarly, anti-idiotarian is a terrific useful word.

    punditarians - Anil Dash

  • That's why I liked Anil's anti-idiotarian post so much... dismissive terms like that, and things like Sullivan's "Sontag Awards" where he just quotes and puts a sarcastic label on it, expecting whatever negative traits he finds to be self-evident, contribute nothing to a discussion that requires nuance.

    what's true - Anil Dash

  • Not arguing political points, but for me, personally, when I read the words 'anti-idiotarian', 'warblogger/warblogging' and 'fisking' on any web site, my eyes glaze over and my attention fades.

    punditarians - Anil Dash

  • Eric S. Raymond's weblog has a draft of an anti-idiotarian manifesto.

    October 17th, 2002

  • Since I'm very concerned about politeness to those I disagree with, maybe I could write about my ideas without dropping an "anti-idiotarian" firebomb.

    Planet Twisted

  • Still, even now, I think the anti-idiotarian cause is a good one.

    Classical Values

  • The movement strikes me as inherently anti-idiotarian in nature.

    Classical Values


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