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  • A trademark used for three indexes of the relative price of selected industrial, transportation, and utility stocks based on a formula developed and periodically revised by Dow Jones & Company, Inc.


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  • In a statement to The Hill, however, Duffy spokeswoman Wendy Riemann said, "The better number to call Sen. Lassa at about her horrible, anti-job record is her campaign office at 715-344-8222."

    Chamber Of Commerce Airs Democrat's Home Phone Number In Attack Ad

  • Politicians, too, don't want to appear anti-job by voting for anything that would close down production lines in their district.

    John Feffer: Take This Job and... Transform It

  • I do have an objection to a government policy that in my opinion is anti-job creation.

    Come One, Come All

  • They won't because a weak dollar works at cross purposes with tax cuts given that a weak dollar is anti-investment, and as such, anti-job creation.

    Make the 2003 Tax Cuts Permanent, Then Curb Enthusiasm

  • The other side would attack him as anti-business and anti-job — and that would include some Democrats.

    The Green Fighter

  • When the Republican opposed it, he would be anti-job, pro-insurance industry ... you get the picture.

    Paul Abrams: A Republican Strategist's Approach to a Democratic Victory in 2010

  • Only Essel backed by DWP and now the growingly unpopular NUCH gives up Paul#2, another carpetbagger with the initials PK from the assembly, the most broken, anti-job, anti-freedom legislative body since the East Gernmen assembly.

    Caption this.....................

  • “Hell No” to staggering debt, bizarre spending, anti-job, anti-business legislation, government bullies and liars, thieving scum politicians that never get punished, raising cost of electricity and oil, mandatory social wierdo legislation etc

    The Party of NO - ClarkKent’s blog - RedState

  • It would be nice if people there let the GOP know how anti-job and anti-growth that bill really is.

    The Full Feed from

  • Many of our regulation ­s are just tax ruses in disguise, many of our government agencies are littered with anti-job activist elements, get rid of card check, make every state a right to work state, punish frivolous lawsuits, lower the capital gains tax, incentives for capital repatriati ­on and for business to grow jobs here, get rid of tax loopholes and a revenue neutral flat tax.

    The Full Feed from


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