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  • n. A doctrine that opposes war, relying heavily on a critical theory of nationalism and imperialism.


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  • In a broader sense: the regimes in Egypt and Peru rejected internationalism, atheism, anti-militarism, and the idea of inevitable class conflict, which are elements of classical Marxism, even as they borrowed a lot of semi-Marxist economic ideas.

    Matthew Yglesias » George Orwell Was a Socialist

  • Biographical Information: Emma Goldman was a radical anarchist who lectured and wrote about sexual and reproductive freedoms, workers 'and women's rights, civil liberties, and anti-militarism.

    Personal Information for Emma Goldman

  • In contrast to contemporary feminist anti-militarist pronouncements that the logical outcome of women's innate pacifism is abstention and objection to all wars, Parren presented a hybrid archetype which carefully fused the anti-militarism embodied in the 'Moral Mother' (although she at no point articulated it as such or used the term herself) and the strength and independence of the 'Just Warrior' into a unified personality.

    Arms and the Woman: Just Warriors and Greek Feminist Identity

  • While protesting against both the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and the military campaign launched against the Palestinian Authority, the Coalition has also elaborated an agenda that combines feminist themes (participation of women in peace negotiations and equality for women); anti-militarism and de-militarization of Israeli society; social justice and equality; and full inclusion of the Palestinian citizens of Israel (Coalition of Women 2000).

    Peace Movements in Israel.

  • Yes, the pantheism, environmentalism and anti-militarism were over-wrought.

    Avatar: Tantalizing Possibilities Laced With Disappointment

  • Gandhi well knew that much more than symbols were at stake, and that India's new leadership was rejecting the anti-materialism and anti-militarism that Gandhi had spent his whole life preaching and living.

    Mira Kamdar: The Radical Philosopher: Reflections on Gandhi's 140th Birthday

  • There is a militant sort of anti-militarism (which still celebrates the military), a certain blue-collar sensibility (perhaps derived from Cameron's truck-driving days), a consistent techno-skepticism (driven by technophilia), an environmental concern, and very strong female characters.

    William Bradley: The Common Threads of Avatar

  • With T2's Skynet, Cameron's themes of anti-militarism and techno-skepticism are taken to new heights, all in a film which made morphing a household word and was the most technologically advanced yet.

    William Bradley: The Common Threads of Avatar

  • Well now, there are resistance movements going on these days, just ask my anti-militarism, anti-racist, activist daughter.

    We'll Always Have Paris - A Dress A Day

  • Through Henry's constant recourse to legal process, arbitration, and anti-militarism, the first tetralogy goes beyond questions about how to establish a functioning legal order.

    Heinze on Law and English Literature


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