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  • Just because obamais black. .doesn't mean anything anti-obama (which does NOT insinuate that this is Anti-Obama) or not in obama's favor is racist.

    Arizona lawmakers still pushing 'birther' measure

  • In addition this is also a popular talking point on anti-obama arguments and seeing as this is an anti-obama image you may have a preconceived notion that statements against the system in use by our current president is a direct statement against the president.

    Vennbama | My[confined]Space

  • If Obama were on top of this from day 1 and saved the coastlines and fishing industries; he could have been pointing blame at oil+gas all the way to November and gotten cap+trade, more spending for green alternatives, gotten some southern people that were anti-obama in 2008 to line up behind him after Obama saved them while Bush made the gulf into one big mishap.

    Never let an oil leak go to waste? | RedState

  • It's pretty hilarious that you anti-obama types were so sure that rezko was going to "sing" or that there was some damning piece of evidence that was just about to surface in October. Wouldn't It Be Nice if Obama Pardoned Thomas M. Tamm?

  • They all seem to be on a anti-obama agenda these days.

    Clinton: McCain could do more to stop Wright ads

  • Obama brings hate and threats to this election, a obama blogger on greta wire said, we have you flagged, as in anybody that dares to be anti-obama, this is what the media has done, literally put men, women and young adults in harms way, may one day you all wake up. we the American people are being held hostage by some thug candidate, and sorry excuses for senators, congressmen/women and the media ....

    Campaigns reject Bloomberg, ABC offer for televised town hall

  • As time has gone on they have gotten more and more anti-obama, which gives me hope. and the day after the healthcare vote there was a poll that asked “do you support the healthcare bill” and it was 68% against.

    Obama: mockery in Maine

  • April 24th, 2008 4: 15 pm ET wouldnt the voters in the big states still vote democrat even if hillary aint their nominee? if they didnt, then they would be very very anti-obama or anti-change/hope, either that or bigotry if the big states do vote for obama in the general, then what does the electability factor has to do with anything?

    Blitzer: Crunch time for superdelegates

  • May 19th, 2008 1: 11 pm ET anti-obama needs to shut up and go away.

    Obama to GOP: 'Lay off my wife'

  • Sure can't wait to see what the next polling data will say, once the NCGOP's anti-obama ad begins to air in north carolina.

    Another Poll Shows Close Race In Indiana


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