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  • adj. Opposed to induced abortion: the antiabortion movement.

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  • adj. Opposed to the practice of abortion.
  • adj. Opposed to the legalization of abortion.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

anti- +‎ abortion


  • Great newspapers give ad breaks to groups with which they feel an ideological affinity, but turn away ads from those they do not, such as antiabortion groups.

    Hear, Hear

  • I use the term "antiabortion" instead of "prolife" because most of the people I know who claim the title "prolife" are also "pro death-penalty" which does not make a lot of sense to me.

    The American Spectator

  • Wade decided in 1973, antiabortion advocates pushed for a repeal of the decision and a total ban on abortion, while supporters of abortion rights stressed the dangers of the back-alley abortions that were in living memory.

    American Grace

  • While we admittedly do not have hard data to test this hypothesis, we strongly suspect that the antiabortion movement has benefited from the improvement in ultrasound quality.

    American Grace

  • The 1970s Evangelical antiabortion movement that my father -- evangelical leader Francis Schaeffer -- Dr. C.

    Frank Schaeffer: The Abortion Wars Will Never Go Away (A Former "Pro-Life" Crusader Reconsiders)

  • No buildings were firebombed, nor did the Republican Party decide to define itself as "pro-life" and fight every election, local, state, and national, by declaring its antiabortion credentials.

    Frank Schaeffer: The Abortion Wars Will Never Go Away (A Former "Pro-Life" Crusader Reconsiders)

  • Planned Parenthood suspected that the hoaxer had ties to Live Action, an antiabortion activist group run by Lila Rose, a sometime O'Keefe partner-in-undercover-stinging.

    Peter Hart: Pimps and Prostitutes... Again?

  • After being strongly in favor of abortion rights more than a decade ago, Mr. Romney has now adopted a strongly antiabortion stance.

    Romney Finding Support Where Women Hold Sway

  • The Planned Parenthood Federation of America blamed the charity's decision on pressure from antiabortion groups.

    Nonprofits' Backers Mobilize

  • In Arizona, the Republican author of a controversial immigration law was recalled, while in Mississippi, voters rejected a proposed "personhood" measure defining life as beginning at conception that was so sweeping it divided even antiabortion groups.

    Voters Shy Away From Dramatic Overhauls


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