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  • adj. antiaircraft


anti- +‎ air (Wiktionary)


  • In the Sea of Japan, between the Japanese and Korean coasts, a drill Monday simulated antiair and maritime strikes from enemy forces.

    Joint Drills Highlight U.S.- Japan Ties

  • But some of you are arguing for the M2 itself, and in any event, the point is that the round is absolutely an effective and commonly used antiair round at low aircraft altitudes.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » California Court of Appeal Upholds Ban on .50-Caliber Rifles Against Second Amendment Challenge:

  • When U.S. cruise missiles struck an antiair-craft installation near Serb-held Bahja Luka last Sept. 10, the political impact was explosive, too.

    Better Cruise Control

  • Most of the antiair sites were little more that piles of molten metal now, although there was always a chance that someone had managed to sneak a mobile setup or Stinger into the area.

    Terror At Dawn

  • SIDEWINDER: antiair missile carried by U.S. fighters.

    Terror At Dawn

  • There was no intelligence about fixed antiair weapons sites, but there was every possibility that there could be a man stationed on the roof with a Stinger tube or a mobile air setup.

    Terror At Dawn

  • SPARROW: antiair missile carried by U.S. fighters.

    Terror At Dawn

  • ALR-67: detects, analyzes, and evaluates electro-magnetic signals, emits a warning signal if the parameters are compatible with an immediate threat to the aircraft, e.g. seeker head on an antiair missile.

    Terror At Dawn

  • PHOENIX: long-range antiair missile carried by U.S. fighters.

    Terror At Dawn

  • On his last cruise, he and Gator had almost been shot down by one of the first deployed antiair systems on a submarine.

    Arctic Fire


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