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  • adj. Opposed to the bourgeoisie.


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anti- +‎ bourgeois


  • As long as most Egyptians fear free, competitive markets and believe that their well-being is promoted by protected nationalized monopolies—as long as "privatization and liberalization are dirty words" as Mr. Kaminski describes Egyptians' antibourgeois attitudes—Egypt's economy will stagnate and ordinary Egyptians will continue to be among the poorest people on earth.

    Egypt Must Change to Become Rich

  • The entire Zionist project was distinctly antibourgeois.

    David Brooks: The Tel Aviv Cluster

  • "They still willingly countenance an antibourgeois life," said Falameezar grumblingly, but with less certainty.

    A Corridor in the Asylum

  • We, therefore, need this third party desperately to become a vehicle for all the progressive, antibourgeois liberal, desires of our awakening social consciousness.

    Running Out of Gas on the Highway of Love

  • ˜Nietschean™ antibourgeois individualism, in tune with antidemocratic ideological tendencies in German culture of the Weimar period, including the ˜high™ culture of the circle of Stefan George, and very much at odds with Baron's political convictions.

    Civic Humanism

  • The French aristocratic ideal was resolutely antimaterialistic and antibourgeois.

    The Dragon’s Trail

  • The antibourgeois Wojtyla was much more steadfast than the anticommunist Wojtyla.

    The Last Anti-Modern Pope?

  • Not until the late nine - teenth century was there a shift; beginning with criti - cism of culture (Kulturkritik) and continuing in youth movements and the formation of elitist groups, political philosophies with antibourgeois and antiliberal as well as antidemocratic, antisocialistic, and anti-egalitarian viewpoints deliberately inscribed rejections of the nineteenth century on their banners, and after World


  • The children receive a bourgeois education; they attend better schools than those to which their father had access; their interests are bourgeois and they very rarely recall the revolutionary and antibourgeois derivation of their own entrance into the bourgeoisie.

    Political Parties; a Sociological Study of the Oligarchical Tendencies of Modern Democracy

  • He stressed: "And I tell you, here there is not merely an anti-imperialist and antibourgeois spirit; there is even an anti-petit bourgeois spirit ...



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