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  • adj. Opposed to Catholicism.
  • n. A person opposed to Catholicism.


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anti- +‎ Catholic


  • Abortion, anticatholic sexual lifestyle politics, israel-bashing, mad puritanical regulations of most spheres of life, a collapsing educational system, and statism.

    By-Election: Cameron is Getting Handbagged in Newlyn

  • In one fell swoop I and my fellow American Christian conservatives have been characterized as being anticatholic to the point of considering the Catholic Church as being “…the Anti-Christ of the Apocalypse.”

    Wait, What Did He Just Call the Pope? - The Lede Blog -

  • The American state being catholic in its organic principles, as is all real religion, and the church being free, whatever is anticatholic, or uncatholic, is without any support in either, and having none, either in reality or in itself, it must necessarily fall and gradually disappear.

    The American Republic : constitution, tendencies and destiny

  • Sr. Schneiders really talks like a protestant, Christian, un and anticatholic person.

    National Catholic Reporter

  • I guess anticatholic prejudice just isn't what it used to be.


  • Someone tried to defend Rowling by saying that Lewis was anticatholic and we could therefore say that he was not appropriate to read (for

    Owning Authors

  • Sandomir, etc., and seek to neutralize the anticatholic propaganda, and the propaganda of atheism, which latter has its centre at Warsaw, where it publishes its organ the "Mysl Nepolegla" (Independent

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 13: Revelation-Stock


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