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  • noun Obsolete form of antic.


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  • One of the oldest of our people, Doctor Lyons, having slept away from our camp and gott a litle in drink, found his way up to the Indian town and joyned with the Indians in their dance indeavouring to mimick and ape them in their antick gestures, which I being informed of, sent for him, and desired that he would emediately repair home to our camp.

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • The sepulchral lamps speak nothing less than sepulture, and in their literal draughts prove often obscene and antick pieces.

    Hydriotaphia, or Urn-burial

  • Buffalmaco and the rest that were there present, seeming as if they were seriouslie consulting together, and perceived nothing of his fantastick behavior, according as Bruno had appointed, could scarse refraine from extremity of laughter, they noted such antick trickes in Calandrino.

    The Decameron

  • It was Whitsunday, and as the last notes of the voluntary echoed away among those 'antick pillars massy proof' of the great church, our book-hunter's thoughts turned once more to King Arthur and his knights.

    The Book-Hunter at Home

  • "Cut"; at which the musick sounding again, the carver humour'd it, and cut up the meat with such antick postures, you'd have thought him a carman fighting to an organ.

    The Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter

  • And so much the more, a little while after, there comes one and tells them by word of mouth, that there were several Schollars, which were playing some antick tricks in the night; and amongst some others both their Son and their Cousin were apprehended, and at this very present sad accusations were brought in against them.

    The Ten Pleasures of Marriage and the Second Part, The Confession of the New Married Couple

  • No antick screws men's bodies into such strange flexures, and you would think them here senseless, to speak sense to their bowl, and put their trust in intreaties for a good cast.

    Microcosmography or, a Piece of the World Discovered; in Essays and Characters

  • It is the antick of tails to tails, and backs to backs, and for vizards you need go no farther than faces.

    Microcosmography or, a Piece of the World Discovered; in Essays and Characters

  • The chicaly bird began his musical quick cuckoo cry, the corrosou tolled out his bell notes, the "waggish kinds of Monkeys" screamed and chattered in the branches, playing "a thousand antick Tricks."

    On the Spanish Main Or, Some English forays on the Isthmus of Darien.

  • The various Clusters break, the antick Atomes fly.

    To Light


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