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  • adj. Opposed to the influence of the church or the clergy in political affairs.

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  • adj. Opposed to political influence of clerics.
  • n. One who opposes the political influence of clerics.


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anti- +‎ clerical


  • The policy known as anticlerical, inaugurated by Gambetta in his speech at Romans, 18 September, 1878, containing the famous catchword

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 6: Fathers of the Church-Gregory XI

  • While the article in some ways specifically addresses the German situation - over here, the Holy Father's act of paternal mercy served as a pretext for an anticlerical outbreak which had not been seen since the earlier days of John Paul II's reign - it is still very much worth reading for a general Catholic public.

    Mosebach on Why the Pope Had to Do What He Did

  • Donovan also knew that Pius so far had refused to authorize priests to serve as chaplains with the northern Italian partisans; the pope thought the bands were infested with anticlerical communists and discounted their strength.

    Wild Bill Donovan

  • Web sites tied to the Revolutionary Guards have accused him of "voodoo and fortune-telling" for his messianic, anticlerical brand of Islam—no small charge in a theocracy.

    Troubled in Tehran

  • Jeric ó , the more feverish of the pair, is also the wiser and tougher man, an anticlerical intellectual whose conversation is filled with philosophical word games.

    Intellectual Intrigue in Mexico City

  • But for most of the twentieth century, the government was heavily anticlerical.

    Mexico's Separation of Church and State

  • These include a self-portrait called El Coronelazo and "The Devil in the Church," a painting with an anticlerical motif.

    The artist as activist: David Alfaro Siqueiros (1896–1974)

  • Degollado performed similar duties at the Cathedral -- somewhat ironic for one who would later gain fame as a leading figure in the anticlerical movement whose goal was to clip the Church's wings.

    Fighting liberal: the stormy career of Santos Degollado

  • As the era of sudden and violent armed movements, coups and counter-coups, religious fanaticism and anticlerical outrages faded into memory, Mexico entered the World War II period a nation seasoned and matured by some of the most wrenching growing pains ever witnessed in history.

    The Mexican Revolution - consolidation (1920–40) part 3

  • It was this charter, (link 1917 Constitution) that so infuriated Catholics with its anticlerical provisions.

    The Mexican Revolution: a nation in flux - part 2


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