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  • adj. Serving to prevent or counter diarrhea.


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anti- +‎ diarrhea


  • However, Novartis also sells a product called Maalox Total Relief, which is an upset-stomach reliever and antidiarrhea medication that has a different active ingredient.

    Novartis to Clear Up Maalox Confusion

  • Conte thinks the results will lead to FDA approval of an antidiarrhea drug by the end of 2011.

    One Pharma Entrepreneur's Never Ending Quest

  • FACTOID: Since the BRAT diet bananas, rice, applesauce, toast is the antidiarrhea diet, we decided to make an acronym for the anticonstipation diet.

    You Raising Your Child

  • Redi-Clinic, for example, with 22 locations in H-E-B grocery stores in Texas, charges $75 for a pre-travel evaluation and a kit with powerful insect repellents, an antibiotic, and antidiarrhea medications.

    Taking the Bite Out of Travel

  • By the time he left, Mr. Majid had a new radio, a few packaged military meals, Tylenol for his head and antidiarrhea medicine for his grandson.

    After Battle in Afghanistan Villages,

  • Whoever forgot had a supply of antidiarrhea pills that would follow a serious chewing from Captain Ramirez.

    Clear and Present Danger

  • Drugs; we recommend having the following medications in adult and child formulations: acetaminophen (tylenol or generic), ibuprofen (Advil or generic), aspirin (brand name or generic), antihistamine (Benadryl or generic), antidiarrhea medicine (Imodium or generic), antacid (tums or generic).

    What you need (and what you don't) in a family first-aid kit


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