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  • adj. Counteracting or preventing the building up of deposits on underwater surfaces, such as the undersides of boats: antifouling paint.

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  • adj. That prevents or counteracts the buildup of barnacles and other deposits on undersea surfaces such as those of boats.
  • n. Any substance that prevents or counteracts the buildup of barnacles and other deposits on undersea surfaces such as those of boats.

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  • Adapted to prevent or counteract fouling.


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anti- +‎ fouling


  • Under the bill, use of toxic tin-based antifouling paints would be prohibited.

    CNN Transcript Nov 17, 2009

  • A variety of chemicals including DDT and DDE (an organochlorine pesticide and its breakdown product), tributyltin (used in the past as a marine antifouling agent), and vinclozolin (a fungicide that in the past was used on many fruits, vegetables and ornamentals) have been found to disrupt the endocrine systems of animals in laboratory studies.

    Endocrine disruption

  • Next she greesed the groove of her keel, warthes and wears and mole and itcher, with antifouling butter-scatch and turfentide and serpenthyme and with leafmould she ushered round prunella isles and eslats dun, quincecunct, allover her little mary.

    Finnegans Wake

  • • Use only environmentally friendly antifouling bottom paints.

    Sailing Fundamentals

  • These steps include: use of antifouling paints, cleaning your vessel with hot water, removal of all bait and emptying bait wells and bait buckets and flushing them with water containing chlorine bleach.

    Sailing Fundamentals

  • NOTE: Do not use antifouling paint, since it contains copper or mercury and can hasten galvanic corrosion, unless the manufacturer states that it is intended for use on aluminum.

    Chapter 5

  • Example: A process of painting the bottom of a marine vessel which consists in applying thereto a composition consisting of sulphate of copper, powdered metallic zinc, chlorid of antimony, and hyposulphite of soda, in a vehicle of linseed oil, would be more usefully classified as an antifouling paint than as a ship, as the invention would hardly be distinguishable from a paint claimed as such and described for use on submarine surfaces.

    The Classification of Patents

  • Then, top, from across the cove came a case of copper paint, a famous antifouling article, which stood me in good stead long after.

    Sailing Alone Around the World

  • Some common practices in seawater treatment e.g., the addition of chlorine, or antifouling chemicals can increase the levels of AOC and actually accelerate problems due to bacterial growth on the membranes.

  • Molecular Pharmacology, explain how it is possible to develop an environmentally friendly and effective antifouling paint which instead of killing barnacles acts as a "deterrent".

    Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine


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