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  • adj. Opposed to or working against graft


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anti- +‎ graft


  • AFP/Getty Images Related Articles Watergate-Era Law Revitalized in Pursuit of Corporate Corruption Oil-Field Giant in Bribery Probe (10/8/2010) Nigeria, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, for example, all languish in the bottom third of the World Index of Corruption Perceptions, according to an annual ranking compiled by antigraft campaign group Transparency International.

    Settlements Near In Bribery Case

  • In April, social activist Anna Hazare fasted for four days, before Prime Minister Manmohan Singh capitulated to his demand to enact antigraft legislation.

    India's Government by Guru

  • On the same day, India's prime minister defended a police crackdown on a yogic antigraft demonstration, saying authorities were left with no choice.

    Fed's Unease, Romney's Pass, China Surprise

  • Officials at the Central Bank, including Mr. Fitrat, ignored warnings about widespread corruption at Kabul Bank from the country's intelligence service and the High Office of Oversight, an antigraft body, Mr. Nazari said.

    Afghanistan Issues Arrest Warrant for Central Bank Chief

  • A high-level investigative panel in Malaysia concluded the 2009 death of an opposition aide who was subject to harsh interrogation by antigraft officers was by suicide rather than homicide.

    What's News—

  • A social activist went on a hunger strike in April, followed by a yoga guru last month, both lobbying for stronger antigraft measures.

    A Rudderless India

  • Until now, though, putting Ms. Arroyo on trial and adding fresh impetus to his antigraft drive had appeared out of Mr. Aquino's reach.

    Former Philippine President Charged With Electoral Fraud

  • Parliament will meet for an extraordinary three-day session starting on Tuesday to discuss the government's version of an antigraft bill that sets up an ombudsman's office to investigate charges of corruption in the bureaucracy, including in the prime minister's office.

    India Faces Endgame on Anticorruption Bill

  • Mr. Gayus has already become a colorful mascot for the system's critics; antigraft activists attend court hearings and demonstrations wearing paper masks of his face in the infamous wig-and-glasses getup.

    Indonesian Superfly

  • The bill, known as the Lokpal Bill, proposes setting up an independent ombudsman at the national level with parallel antigraft agencies in states with powers to prosecute politicians and civil servants suspected of graft.

    India Introduces Antigraft Bill Amid Controversy


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