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  • n. The practice, of some birds, of rubbing live ants into the feathers as a means of controlling parasites


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  • Or, to choose an example that doesn't involve advertising, there is 'anting': the odd habit of birds, such as jays, of 'bathing' in an ants 'nest or otherwise applying ants to the feathers.

    The God Delusion

  • I've beenw anting to read this one for a while and actually read the first 20-30 pages at the store the other day.

    Wish List Wednesday #54: The Passage

  • Along the next, a newly fledged robin is trying out anting, opening its tail feathers and wings and squirming them into the earth to encourage ants to crawl and squirt their formic acid, which will kill the lice on its feathers.

    A Year on the Wing

  • Constitutional Court bench, that he was a "sort of constitutional fifth columnist white-anting the twin and imperative notions of judicial independence and the separation of powers".

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Instead, a dishonest and despicable course of "white-anting", destroying the marriage by stealth, was adopted.

    The Destruction of Marriage

  • And, if your original answer wasn't the truth anyway, as you were "[w] anting to make the point (which was true) that [you] preferred a smaller to a larger firm," I think your interview ethical standards are asymmetrically high.

    Is That Legal?: My "Most Unethical Law Firm Interview" Story

  • Well I had just enjoyed a rather difficult arts quiz on Poets and the time was coming yo to 7pm ish Ah not long till home now I thought ----- not anting to hear the Archers - not my cup of Americano really,I turned back to Radio0 Wales *there will now be a party election broadcast on behalf of the Wales Labour Party* ahha I though I'll have twopence worth of this

    Archive 2007-04-15

  • Clare Martin are white anting the intervention whilst paying a bit of lip service to it

    Archive 2007-10-01

  • However, the NT Labour machine is deeply divided about the intervention with Chief Minister, Clare Martin and her Family Services Minister, Marion Scrymgour only sometimes paying lip service to it while white anting.

    Archive 2007-10-01

  • But uncertainty as to details doesn't - nor should it - stop Darwinians from presuming, with great confidence, that anting must be 'for' something.

    The God Delusion


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