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  • adj. That functions as an antioxidant


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  • “The overall effect of the 10-week period without dietary fruits and vegetables was a decrease in oxidative damage to DNA, blood proteins, and plasma lipids, concomitantly with marked changes in antioxidative defence.”

    Rapid health improvements with a Paleolithic diet | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • Anyway, they proposed some very cool antioxidative and prooxidative mechanism in the paper.

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  • Increased antioxidative capacity was also not due to inactivation of antioxidant enzymes because SOD and CAT activities were not decreased.

    Low-carb diets reduce oxidative stress | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • Elevated antioxidative capacity was not an adaptive response to increased oxidative stress because no evidence was obtained indicating increased oxidative stress.

    Low-carb diets reduce oxidative stress | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • The general goal of this project is to understand how cells adjust their antioxidative capacities to varying needs.

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  • Special focus will thereby be on the cellular distribution of Ccs1 and Sod1, key players of antioxidative defence.

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  • Significant reductions in 8-epi-isoprostane levels were found in the compartments except the choroid-sclera or plasma, indicating antioxidative activities of catechins in these tissues, concluded the team.

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  • Although many antioxidants have been studied in the eye, the authors claim that theirs is the first paper to show distribution of individual catechins after ingestion of green tea extract and to evaluate their in vivo antioxidative effects in various parts of the eye.

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  • "Because the CoQ10 - NLC displayed such powerful antioxidative ability compared to the general CoQ10 emulsion … the NLC formulation is considered to be the key to the efficient delivery of CoQ10," they concluded in the study.

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  • This study's authors note that to the best of their knowledge, theirs is the first paper that shows how individual catechins are distributed once green tea extract is ingested and the first to evaluate their antioxidative effects in different parts of the eye.



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