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  • n. A design pattern that may be commonly used but is ineffective and/or counterproductive in practice.


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anti- +‎ pattern


  • Which I now would wish for is that Twitter would remove that password antipattern page from the Find people tab and replace it with calls to some contacts API using OAuth or at least a similar mechanism.

    Twitter can has OAuth? | FactoryCity

  • Please tag any related screenshots on Flickr with: antipattern socialnetworkantipattern

    Public nuisance #1: Importing your contacts | FactoryCity

  • I agree with ToddH's points, this could be useful for some; and IMO searching for a silver bullet is a behavioral antipattern in this space.

    O'Reilly News

  • And yes, please delete the extra topics and rename the original "ExplanationOf" topic to something without this antipattern part in its topic name.


  • This has a number of negative knock on effects - the worst probably is the reintroduction of the 80\% done antipattern that agile all but eliminates.

    Planet XML

  • Spring has made noble attempts to enhance the programmer's ability to regulate the infusion of state into items at the moment of creation A long time ago, when first people were starting to use objects, an antipattern popped up quickly: the object as just a temporary bucket that gets filled up, some procedure is invoked against / with it, then it gets thrown away.

    Hottest News Articles

  • Through coding and design examples, you will see how these antipatterns emerge, how to recognize when the antipattern is being used, and most importantly, how to avoid them.

    No Fluff Just Stuff

  • In the world of the Web, it's common for sites to push and pull da more passwordantipattern oauth. net oauth api antipattern

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows

  • The same antipattern is often applied to document other elements -- not only obvious JavaBean "components."

    Java Technology Headlines

  • ACORN has provided us with a very publicly embarrassing example of this social media antipattern in action.



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