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  • adj. Opposed to or acting against religion


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anti- +‎ religion


  • Besides, he added, This thing about the books being antireligion is a bit of a canard.

    How Hollywood Saved God

  • There are also interesting distinctions between the religious traditions, even when we also account for our set of demographic variables and attitudes toward the construction of a Christian church—which controls away any antidevelopment or antireligion sentiment.

    American Grace

  • Yes, he was officially antireligion, but with the ringing of a nearby church bell, Stalin could smile and show that the government unofficially tolerated worship.

    Ahmadinejad's Media Breakfast Echoes of Stalin's

  • Oct 28th, 2009 8: 08 pm pretty cool movie. i laughed at some parts. but i was focused on katie throughout the movie haha dont argue about religion/antireligion here people you look like fools

    “Paranormal Activity” is the real deal » Scene-Stealers

  • They were so anticzar, so antireligion, why let this one church remain while they destroyed so many others?

    American Assassin

  • I guess hearing Negativland deliver an antireligion shpiel at Highline was kind of like ... well, it was kind of like hearing them deliver it in church.

    Hank Shteamer: Double Negative: Negativland At The Highline Ballroom

  • If one part of a couple feels strongly about having a religious ceremony and this can happen for a host of reasons: actual belief, family influence and obligation, a desire to participate in a tradition, an interest in doing what is most comfortable and the other part of the couple is aggressively antireligion, a resolution must be unearthed.

    Something New

  • My first thought was he was an Arab/Muslim and despised women and wanted me put in my place, and I am ashamed I have thought that the reason rather he was just a power hungry misogynistic egomaniac… so the question is do some cultures and religions today still bread those attitudes and are we being racist or antireligion when we are offended by their attitudes and sexism against us?

    Identity insults and democracy

  • Last week he declined calls to dismiss campaign bloggers Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan, amid allegations they were antireligion.

    I'm Real. Really.

  • Look, Weisberg either came up with his "evolution is antireligion" position all on his own or he was influenced by the writings of others.

    Atheists Speak Out


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