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  • adj. said of a surface designed to increase friction, and thereby reduce the possibility of skid.


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  • The plane landed safely, but the pilots failed to ensure that they had necessary electrical power to steer the jet's nose gear or provide antiskid protection for its brakes, these people said.

    Pilot Lapses Suspected After Fire Warning

  • Seems one of the Detroit outfits in Europe hired him to run the tests on their new antiskid gizmo.

    Sudden Rain

  • She added that the airline officials are working directly with federal investigators, are "evaluating" the effectiveness of the "antiskid functional test" developed by Airbus and have "informed our mechanics, pilots and flight attendants of the incidents and the corrective steps we are taking."

    Faulty Wiring in Airbus Jets Cited

  • The February accident sparked industry interest once investigators for the National Transportation Safety Board said that improperly connected wiring most likely caused the jetliner's antiskid system to malfunction, although no formal finding has been made.

    Faulty Wiring in Airbus Jets Cited

  • Such a configuration, according to the board, likely meant that "when the inboard tire began to skid," the antiskid system mistakenly "would release the pressure" on the brakes on the opposite side of the gear.

    Faulty Wiring in Airbus Jets Cited

  • The putty knife and wrench that could fix almost anything that could go wrong with a Model T were of little use by the 1980s for a broken engine-management computer or antiskid braking system.

    The Machine That Changed the World

  • Wasn't that hard to deal with, though I did get to test the car's antiskid systems on a side street.

    December 21st, 2002

  • Woven polypropylene fabric with an inhibitor to resist ultraviolet absorption and antiskid coating.

    1. Amount of Food Required

  • Mitchell Reece, walking unsteadily from exhaustion, moved down the corridor, his feet tapping on the marble floor, the sound occasionally muffled when he strode over the Turkish rugs carefully positioned throughout the firm (and carefully mounted on antiskid pads, law firms are extremely cognizant of slip-and-fall lawsuits.)

    Mistress of Justice

  • Elantra before it - with 37 per cent greater body stiffness - and better equipped with power windows and locks, six-speed transmissions, four-wheel disc brakes with antiskid, and stability control.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed


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