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  • adj. Seeking to prevent or prohibit sodomy


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

anti- +‎ sodomy


  • What he does believe is that antisodomy laws should remain on the books when they have been legislated into place and not be overturned by appellate courts.

    Mind Meld Make-Up Test: Orson Scott Card on Young Adult Fiction

  • I am sure there will be more to say–in particular the alleged prevalence and enforcement of “antisodomy laws,” but this post is already too long as it is.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Should Conservatives Be Confused?

  • KING: The Texas antisodomy law was struck down by the Supreme Court 6-3, consenting adults.

    CNN Transcript Sep 5, 2003

  • Within marriage or without, mouth-to-genital or anal sex became subject to criminal prosecution under numerous harsh antisodomy measures.

    Why Nothing Works

  • On Tuesday night, O'Connor noted that recent decisions striking down Texas 'antisodomy law and holding that executions of the mentally retarded violated the constitution cited as support foreign laws against both practices.

    The Rule of Reason

  • Scalia adopted a mocking tone to read from the court's June ruling that struck down state antisodomy laws in Texas and elsewhere.

    The Rule of Reason

  • The court specifically rejected Mr. Boies’s constitutional arguments many years ago, and it specifically said that its recent decision invalidating criminal antisodomy laws did not imply a right to same-sex marriage.

    California Has the Right to Ban Same-Sex Marriages


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